Astronomy Week & Dance Week

April is a busy month for International weeks!

If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that this little experiment of ours led to many fun astronomy moments that we would otherwise have missed.
The biggest find of the week? Astronomy Magazine’s section called The Sky This Week. The link will take you to this week’s list of things to look for at night! It’s detailed enough to let you know if you need binoculars and what direction to look in – I love it! A perfect way to celebrate Astronomy Week & to encourage my budding young scientists. We’ll be visiting this site frequently.

The second find is National Dance Week Curriculum. If you’re a visual person, this probably isn’t the site for you, but if you like to read directions at your own pace then you might like it.  There is different dance styles for different grade levels and if you scroll down the curriculum you get to the good stuff:  step-by-step directions to complete dance moves.   Anabelle is excited to learn some ballet steps.





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