Awesome Homemade Bookmarks (with tassels!)

I love these bookmarks, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.   Not only did I do this with my kiddos (as seen above) but also a class of 27 kids.  The kids had a blast.  Simply tell them to pose for a picture like they’re hanging from a rope, and they don’t need anymore direction!

So the how to – made as easy as possible for kids to do as well!  If you saw yesterday’s post on magnets the first two steps are the same.  Cut out the pics.  Put them on index cards or manilla folders for extra support… except:

DON’T glue the hands onto the backing!  Start with the head and move down.

Then, the same optional step as yesterday.  For extra protection.  Cut out the peoples again:

See?  This is why we didn’t glue the hands.  It’s so easy.  Kids can do it. Put the pic aside.

I recommend embroidery floss for the tassel but any type of string *should* work.

I cut 4 cm off an index card but any type of cardboard or stiff cardstock will work. Wrap!

Have you ever noticed? Snip is a fun word to say!  All the kids said it as they did it. Funny!

This extra piece of string is 12 inches long.  Somewhere around there is just fine.

First step of tying your shoelaces… except you just do it twice.  Make the knot TIGHT.

Say it with me… SNIP!  Younger kids may need help on this knot as you’re not tying against anything.

Get ready for some ooohs and aaaahs.

So cute!

And you’re done unless you want to make it extra fancy (all the kids did).

Smooth all the tassel strings down and…


Have I mentioned just how much I love these bookmarks?  The project was a lot of fun.  And the students are excited to give them away as gifts!

*** Just added:  Check these bookmarks out as Christmas ornaments! ***

AND, if you like women’s fiction, you might like The Secret Life of Book Club (Disclosure: I wrote it.) The photo link will take you to an excerpt of this funny, clean fiction about four MOMS in a book club gone rogue (Perfect for Mother’s Day). Either way, Happy Reading!


89 comments to Awesome Homemade Bookmarks (with tassels!)

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    That is so adorable!! They must have loved it!

  • Brandy aka Lil' Momma

    Oh I love this idea. For gifts or just for the kids to have their own book marks. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to try these.

    Lil Momma is that Crazy Homeschooling mom of 3 who is happy mowing grass, vacuuming, and even do windows…just don’t ask me to be my kids’ creative writing tutor check out our family adventures at Five in Training for HIM

  • Taryn Oakley

    can’t wait to try these!!

  • Shiloh

    What a super fun idea! I absolutely love it. We’re definitely going to try it sometime.

  • Lauren

    These are awesome! I wish my family didn’t all get Kindles now! I’ll just have to make some of my daughter for myself!

    I’d love for you to link up and share:

  • Christine

    This is a great idea! I made 2 in 1 hour for my mom for Christmas. Thanks!

  • Amie

    I love projects that you find out about in the morning and do with your class by noon! Thanks!

  • Lori

    I have been looking for an idea to use for a “hold the rod” bulletin board. This has really sparked my imagination. Thanks

  • Pappy Root

    I love this idea. I want to do this for my wife for her scriptures and her parents too. Thank you for sharing this!!

  • aelsyium

    Thanks for this! I did it with my kids as part of our teacher gifts this year. Very creative and fun, and my kids thought the finished product was hilarious!

  • Liza

    I love these! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • JDaniel4s Mom

    This is a wonderful idea! I am going to pin it.

  • Carrie

    Oh wow, wish I’d had those with my second graders! How clever! Pinning them for sure…

  • Witsman4

    Love this idea! Every year I have my kids make photo bookmarks for Mother’s Day. These will be fun!

  • Joy Coblentz

    I’m so into bookmarks! I love to send them with my greeting cards every month to our amish family. Brilliant idea. Thanks so much

  • Amber Galbraith

    This is FANTASTIC! I am going to use this over and over and over again, I can just feel it. Thanks so much for sharing. 😀

  • Tiffany

    I made these today with my 3 boys, ages 5, 3 & 2. We’re sending them to their grandparents. They turned out SO cute and I know they’re going to love them!! Thanks!

  • Tracy

    Me and my daughters, 9 and 12, are making these today. If they work out, we are going to make them with their book clubs. Thanks for this fabulous idea!

  • Chrissy

    One of the cutest & BEST ideas! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for the great idea. I love that I had everything I needed in the house. My boys wrapped the yarn while I printed and cut the pictures and we were finished in about 30 minutes. They can’t wait to take them to school tomorrow. I’m thinking about making them with my first grade students as well….or maybe make them for them as an Easter gift.

  • Kaylee

    This is such a great idea!

  • Amanda

    Just love these…. we will be making them the next rainy day and sending them to family around the world. So much fun!

  • Linda

    This is the cutest bookmark I have ever seen! I am going to have my Girl Scout Troop make these for Mother’s Day. Such an awesome idea….Going to have to make extras for grandmas and grandpas, dads, aunts and uncles too! Thank you so much for sharing this…cute, cute, cute!

  • Jana

    I am SO making these for mother’s day for the grandmas! What a great idea!

  • Linda L.

    What a concept! I’ve used photos for so many projects, and here’s another really good idea to try. Thank you for sharing! I’m wondering…may I pin this on pinterest?

  • Donna J

    Brilliant AND hilarious!

  • Laura

    Thank you so much for this awesome idea! My daughter is in a little book club and we made these at their last get together. They turned out so adorable and the kids just LOVE them.

  • Cyndi Eschardies

    I so love these…just about as much as my wonderful grandkids…lol. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!

  • roxanne

    I want to be able to print this!!! I love your website…you are a teachers blessing.

  • Brandi

    love love love this!! gonna try this with my 2nd graders …. been looking for a new mommy’s day present!! … gonna laminate then glue on cardstock!! thanks

  • Kathy Giannakopoulos

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and we made them with 2 years olds.Printed the pictures on cardstock and then between the hands we glues 1/4 inch wide ribbon about 3 inches long and a silk flower(no stem)(scrap booking section at Michaels) about 1 inch in size hot glued on the ribbon to hang out of the book.Covered the whole picture with contact and they came out fabulous. Moms are going to love them!

  • Delores Sheffield

    I made these with my Kindergartners for Mother’s Day! They turned out so cute!!! I made up a poem to include with the bookmarks. It reads:
    “I wanted to give you something that would help you in some way, so I decided to give you a bookmark to help keep your place on your very “special day”. And when you are feeling lonely and I’m not to be found, just open up your book and you’ll find me “hanging around”! Happy Mother’s Day”!
    Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!!

  • Mrs. C

    This is such a cute idea! How much embroidery floss did you use for each bookmark? I want to make these but I’m not sure how much to get for my class of 25.

  • meredith

    Made these with fourth grade for mother’s day. Perfect!

  • Sandra Rich

    A great VBS craft Idea!!!!
    I wish you had printable directions.
    My memory is to short.

  • The Mom @ Babes in Hairland

    Thanks so much for this fun idea. I made them for my mom – 1 of each of my girls & they were a big hit. Now I’m helping almost 20 girls make them for their Dad’s for Father’s Day for a church activity tonight. I know it’ll be just as fun w/them!

    • Fun Mom

      Wow! I hope it went well! When I did it for mother’s day with a class a lot of the kids secretly kept theirs – they liked them too much. (;

  • Kaia

    Loved this! Recently read in Family fun Magazine (may ’12 pg 36) and had to try. We just finished for fathers day 2012 gifts and i blogged about it;

    You are very crafty! thanks!

    • Fun Mom

      Thanks! I was admittedly bummed they didn’t put the link along with the pic in the mag, but I’m glad you found us. (:

  • Jackie

    Can you tell me how many bookmarks you can make out of 1 pkg. of embroidery floss?

  • BJ

    Made these with my class this week for Father’s Day. Your directions were great! My new favourite – I will do it again!

  • theclassroomcreative

    These crack me up! I think this is how a book marker feels! We used your post for our weekly reading series for the summer @ theclassroomcreative . We hope to inspire other children to read with your post. Enjoy your summer! Karen & Nicolette

  • Rhonda Adkins

    Working on these with my 28 5th graders right now. We have the pics cut out and hanging in the hallway until I get the supplies for the tassels. Then, Monday, we will complete them! Had to come back here to get the tutorial on the tassels. I believe I will just show them this on the big screen!

  • Doggie Bookmarks | Reading With Rhythm

    […] And if you would like to make a bookmark using your own dog, here is a link to directions – […]

  • Megan

    I love these! My son needs a bookmark so we are going to make these. I had remembered seeing them on Pinterest and I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I will share a link back to your blog for anyone who wants a tutorial.

  • Betty

    Got this idea from Pinterest and I love it! Doing this for Christmas gifts but I will be adding their ages and the date to the back. Thanks for the idea!

  • Tracy

    Fantastic idea! We’ll make these for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Robin Johnson

    what kind of string do you use? I bought embroidery string. It unravels. Also, Do I use a separate string to tie the wrapped string? because there is no string left if I snip it???

    • Heather

      Robin, yes, we all used embroidery string. It unraveled? You mean the 6 little strings that make up the one string separated as you were winding it? That’s so odd that it did that. I don’t know what to tell you as I haven’t had that experience before. Yes you do cut off a separate portion of the string to tie up and to wrap around the tassel. If you try again, let me know how it goes — I’ll try to help if I can!

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I made these for Mother’s and Father’s Day this year for our parents. They loved them. I blogged about them and linked back to your tutorial.

  • Sondra Sweeney

    What a delightful tutorial for all generations. That’s hard to do! I would love to do these for myself, my grandchildren, neighbors children, and the list goes on and on! Next I will just have to make time to check out the rest of your blog.I am sure there is much more . . . Thank you!

  • Sise

    do you print these pictures on a full sheet of paper, to get the size.

  • Dena

    I love this! Thanks for posting this tutorial!

  • Angela

    I love these so much I had to share them. Thanks so much for posting these. They would make terrific gifts for grandparents.

  • julia

    Making these as christmas gifts for family.

  • robin

    i’m going to make these for “book club” christmas gifts! I am hoping everyone will email me a picture of their child “dangling from a rope” in time though… I’m glad i found this tutorial!

  • May

    Thanks for showing these bookmarks. I love them, they are super fun!!!! You have been my inspiration. I’ve made it ​​and put in my blog, but as we have no children, my husband has been my model jajajjaajjaajjaaj we have so much fun and my friends have liked their gifts.
    Sorry for my english, es very bad
    love from southern Spain,
    if you want to laugh with us here is my link 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Someone stole your idea and didn’t give credit:

  • Emily

    Love the bookmark idea. I have a class of 20. About how much embroidery floss do you suggest for this activity???

    • Heather

      Sorry I just now saw this. I hope you found your answer in time, but otherwise I’d say one floss would make 2 bookmarks (playing it safe)

  • Frank

    How cool! And written so a not-so-crafty dad and his three boys can do it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ellie Murphy

    I love this idea, used it for my sunday school class at church and wrote a post about it.
    direct link to post:

  • Christine

    These look great! Might try with my grandsons when they come to visit. Would make great gifts for their parents!

  • Ingrid

    These are awesome. Another great reason to stick with print books!

  • Monna Bauer

    Thanks for such a great idea. I plan to make these for Mother’s and Father’s day.

  • Sara

    Great idea we are making them for fathers day we cant wait to give it to him!

  • Karen

    I saw this months ago and then was able to make them with my gdaughters for their parents. I printed the pictures on my home printer then sandwiched them between clear contact paper and cut them out. They turned out so cute and their mom was really thrilled with them.

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