Awesome Homemade Bookmarks (with tassels!)

I love these bookmarks, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.   Not only did I do this with my kiddos (as seen above) but also a class of 27 kids.  The kids had a blast.  Simply tell them to pose for a picture like they’re hanging from a rope, and they don’t need anymore direction!

So the how to – made as easy as possible for kids to do as well!  If you saw yesterday’s post on magnets the first two steps are the same.  Cut out the pics.  Put them on index cards or manilla folders for extra support… except:

DON’T glue the hands onto the backing!  Start with the head and move down.

Then, the same optional step as yesterday.  For extra protection.  Cut out the peoples again:

See?  This is why we didn’t glue the hands.  It’s so easy.  Kids can do it. Put the pic aside.

I recommend embroidery floss for the tassel but any type of string *should* work.

I cut 4 cm off an index card but any type of cardboard or stiff cardstock will work. Wrap!

Have you ever noticed? Snip is a fun word to say!  All the kids said it as they did it. Funny!

This extra piece of string is 12 inches long.  Somewhere around there is just fine.

First step of tying your shoelaces… except you just do it twice.  Make the knot TIGHT.

Say it with me… SNIP!  Younger kids may need help on this knot as you’re not tying against anything.

Get ready for some ooohs and aaaahs.

So cute!

And you’re done unless you want to make it extra fancy (all the kids did).

Smooth all the tassel strings down and…


Have I mentioned just how much I love these bookmarks?  The project was a lot of fun.  And the students are excited to give them away as gifts!

*** Just added:  Check these bookmarks out as Christmas ornaments! ***

AND, if you like women’s fiction, you might like The Secret Life of Book Club (Disclosure: I wrote it.) The photo link will take you to an excerpt of this funny, clean fiction about four MOMS in a book club gone rogue (Perfect for Mother’s Day). Either way, Happy Reading!


90 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Bookmarks (with tassels!)”

  1. I love these so much I had to share them. Thanks so much for posting these. They would make terrific gifts for grandparents.

  2. i’m going to make these for “book club” christmas gifts! I am hoping everyone will email me a picture of their child “dangling from a rope” in time though… I’m glad i found this tutorial!

  3. Thanks for showing these bookmarks. I love them, they are super fun!!!! You have been my inspiration. I’ve made it ​​and put in my blog, but as we have no children, my husband has been my model jajajjaajjaajjaaj we have so much fun and my friends have liked their gifts.
    Sorry for my english, es very bad
    love from southern Spain,
    if you want to laugh with us here is my link πŸ™‚

  4. Love the bookmark idea. I have a class of 20. About how much embroidery floss do you suggest for this activity???

    1. Sorry I just now saw this. I hope you found your answer in time, but otherwise I’d say one floss would make 2 bookmarks (playing it safe)

  5. How cool! And written so a not-so-crafty dad and his three boys can do it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this idea, used it for my sunday school class at church and wrote a post about it.
    direct link to post:

  7. These look great! Might try with my grandsons when they come to visit. Would make great gifts for their parents!

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