Bad Dancing

Recently in the newspaper I found that a big club was charging money and giving out prizes for a Bad Dancing contest.
And what an easy thing to do for a family fun night (or better yet when you have guests over)!

The secret to the fun is that each participant isn’t allowed to choose their song. Set your mp3 player on shuffle and they get what they get! Each player gets 90 seconds to groove in the worst way before switching songs and picking a new player.
If you don’t have a wide variety of music, visit the library the day before. Eclectic mixes are fun! Let them know ahead of time what the prize is – perhaps an extra scoop of ice cream? Or a chance to choose the next family movie?

Uh-oh. Their groove is too normal. You might run into this problem. Your kids don’t know what bad dancing looks like. So, try to find a super edited video of Elaine Benis dancing like this one or the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene.  Then try again!

And yes, costumes are allowed.

But jumping on the furniture is not.

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