Bag O Dirt… Not

A week ago my hubby asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  With an upcoming trip ahead, I told him that I truly didn’t want him to buy me anything unless we really needed it (and planned on it) anyway.   “You know, like dirt for the garden,” I said.

Have you ever seen Stephen Colbert raise his eyebrow?  My husband can rival that.

“You want me to get you a bag of dirt on Mother’s Day?  Reeaalllyyy…  Hey kids! Come here!  What do you think it says if we get mom dirt for Mother’s Day?”

The kids alternated between giggling and their philosophical musings on the symbolism before I put a stop to it.

“Fine!  What I really want is a day of everyone being nice.”

But the thing was, that wasn’t exactly what I REALLY wanted.  I didn’t want to say what I really wanted for fear of it sounding a little too ridiculous.

Until, I went out in public.  Because when I’m out in public I hear things.  Interesting things.  And what I heard was a bunch of other moms saying exactly what I was thinking. Here’s what the 3 moms said:

#1: “Instead of gifts, I just want to be treated like royalty.”

#2: “That’s what I want! I want to be treated like a princess for the day!”

#3: “Yes! I want to spend time with my family but with them bringing me food and stuff.”

#1: “So you’re saying you want to be treated like royalty.”

#3: “Yes, but I’m not sure they’d go for that if I called it that.  That’d make them my servants, right?”


So when Mike objected a few days later to not buying gifts for me, I told him a lot of women don’t want gifts, and I relayed what I heard.  He looked amused.  “That’s what you want,” he said knowingly.  “You want to be treated like a princess.”

And to my surprise and DELIGHT, that’s exactly what my family did. Right down to making the house look like a castle with this stained glass window:

Sam made this with a paint I’ve never heard of … Gallery Glass.

Isn’t it cool?! I want to get some and make some myself. Way cool window cling! Oh, and one more word of warning!  If you decide to ask for the princess treatment next year, check your head before going out in public. You might be wearing your child’s tiara (and thinking it’s sunglasses on your head).

Sleep beckons!  The life of a princess is exhausting, I tell you.  I love it.

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