Being Super

It’s amazing what a piece of paper and a pair of knit gloves can do for playtime.

Here, Anabelle made her own Super Alter Ego. She is in fact . . . Animal Girl… ready to save Animals in the nick of time.  However, she explained, she is wearing a SuperGirl shirt to throw people off of her true identity.

I was amazed at her homemade mask, as I had been doing yard work and hadn’t seen the process.  “How’d you attach it?” I asked.

She smiled. “Well, at first, I didn’t know, but then I thought ‘Mask, mask, mask . . . how do you attach a mask?’ and I realized MASKING tape must be for masks! That’s probably how the tape got it’s start and that’s why it’s called that!”

She rolled a piece of masking tape and attached it at the corners then pressed it on her skin. She assures me as long as you don’t touch hair that no pain is involved.

Turns out she’s good at it.  This is her protecting our dog from music — our dog howls whenever we play. We’re really not sure if that means the dog enjoys music or hates it. Hmm.

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