“Best Craft Ever” Heart Crayons

The quote of “best craft ever” comes from Anabelle.  The heart crayon idea comes from Frugal Family Fun, Visit the link for detailed instructions! It’s such a great way to get rid of broken crayons or crayons that you really dislike (I can’t stand RoseArt crayons).

Step 1:  Visit the Valentine’s Day clearance sales. I was so excited to find this heart-shaped muffin tin for 50 percent off. (Bet you can get it 75-90 now).

Step 2:  Tell your daughter about the idea, and how it’ll be the perfect thing to give all the students in her class for the birthday celebration at the end of the month.

Unwrapping crayons kept her HAPPILY busy for an hour!

I got a little worried when I saw that she had started without me. She chose all the colors and broke them up in the tins herself.

No need to worry. She chose awesome complimentary colors all by herself.  And she was proud of it.

She expressed slight disappointment that they came out of the oven looking like this, but wait….

Cause this is how they came out after fully cooling.

We made enough for the whole class, and they just kept getting cooler and cooler.  Try all sorts of color combos!  I should’ve… but didn’t anticipate the next problem.

She wants to keep them all.   “Do we HAVE to give some away?”

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