Big Pumpkins, Waterways & Cannons, and Wildlife

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Oh my goodness! Have you heard about the father and son that sent an iPhone 100000feet up in the air, recording, with a weather balloon. Awesome family fun inventiveness.  Check it out!!! We’re so watching this tonight.

What we’ll talk about tonight:   Erie Canal was opened in 1825 this day in history. It was the first man made waterway providing a route from Lake Erie to the Hudson River. Cost over 7.5 million dollars. Cannons were fired along the route for the opening.  That had to have been so cool standing and watching such a thing.  Of course if you were in a boat having canons fired at you, trying it out for the first time, not so much. The kids are going to have fun imagining that! (We hear a lot of giggles and see a lot of imagined reenactments at our dinner table.)

Today is also Give Wildlife a Brake. A catchy name for a reminder to start watching out for wildlife cause it’s dark in the morning and night.  In our subdivision, the wildlife are children, since I’ve had to brake suddenly for kids in the middle of the road or swerving bicycles on the way to school. It’s adrenalin-pumping, gripping the steering wheel, eyes-peeled experience taking Kat to school.

Last night, we carved jack o’lanterns, in preparation for our lil pumpkins to roast marshmallows.  I hate taking projects in steps. I’m so impatient! But, alas, that’s what we’re doing.

We’ll add the little green leaves on vines of the lil pumpkins. Some will be greedy with big marshmallows and some will have lil marshmallows, so they won’t get tummy aches. ( ;

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