Cabin Fever Cure

Does your crew own Nerf gun(s)?  If so, keep reading.

Step 1. Let the kids develop their “targets” using toys they already have or–my personal favorite–make LEGO targets. The making of said targets kept my crew busy for half an hour. They had a blast.

IMG_1197Step 2. You’re going to have to make the stairs (or another area of the house) off limits for the next hour.

Step 3. Make the rules, both safety/procedural rules and game rules. We had many different variations. At the bottom of the stairs, we placed painter’s tape. No one was allowed to step over the tape as they tried to “shoot” the targets.

First round: they worked their way up the stairs. You got docked points for hitting a target not in your level.

Second round: hit everything EXCEPT the good guys i.e. Iron Man, Buzz, Woody, etc.

Third round: Timed free for all. How fast can you get them all down?



Step Four: Clean up. Reward your dart/disc hunters with hot chocolate.

Step Five: (Optional) Turn two chairs or couches in the living room into forts, turn on soundtrack music like Bourne Identity and give them ten minutes shoot at each other. I recommend safety glasses for all involved. Repeat Step Four.


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