Car Pulley?!?

If you’re looking for the ultimate in road trip tips for families, I love the list provided by Quirky Momma: Kids Activities Blog.

One of the genius ideas on there is car pulley system.  The system they described is a bucket pulley system, but since I couldn’t see any pics, we improvised.

Sam tests it out before hitting the road.  You can’t hang much on clothespins but since I get motion sickness if I look backwards, they can at least use this method to show me pics they’ve drawn, etc. Next time we’re trying the bucket method!

4 comments to Car Pulley?!?

  • J

    I thought I was the only adult that got car sick. Last year we traveled almost 6,000 miles and I managed to be sick the entire time. We took two cats who never let a peep and traveled better than I did. Sigh.

    • Fun Mom

      Oh, you’re most definitely not alone! I don’t know how many miles we’re doing. We drove 25 hours to visit family, now we have to do the 25 hours back. *feels* more like a week when motion sickness gets its talons on you, though. I love sea bands to help that!

  • Gencie

    I came over from Money Saving Mom. LOVE your blog, you’re so funny! I like this idea, too!

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