Career Aptitude for Kids

“Mom, did you ever take a career aptitude test when you were in school?”


“What did it say you would be?”

“A laywer,” I replied, as I wiped up the spilled milk on the counter.

“I could totally see that,” my daughter answered.  “You’re really good at arguing.” She smiled. “It must be where I get it.”

I grimaced.  “Your father is good at arguing too.”

“When? We never hear him argue?” she argued.

Note to self:  Arguing in private maybe not so beneficial after all.

“Did Dad take a career aptitude?” my son asked.


“What did it say he’d be?”

“A window washer.”

The kids hit the floor in hysterics.

My husband objected. “Window glazier!  Glazier!”

I shrugged. “I knew it had to do with windows.” The kids were still laughing.

My kids are keenly aware of the competitive job market and are already wondering what career path they should follow. Especially my freshman daughter. We took our career aptitude tests in junior high.  Clearly, not so accurate.  But my kids are still curious.  I found this career test for kids but it’s 485 questions!

My advice to my daughter?  Be a kid.  At least for another two years. Just be a kid. Try everything to the best of your ability. And just see.

Just see.

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