Case of the Missing Marsmallows

So I mentioned that we finished our jack o lanterns and were ready to make leaves for the lil pumpkins’ vines — the vines that will hold the stick and marshmallow so the lil pumpkins can have a marshmallow roast.

We placed our jack o’lanterns and  lil pumpkins in the living room and went to bed.  The next morning….

The marshmallows were gone and the sticks were clear across the room. WHO DID IT?

First, we asked the eye witnesses.

They didn’t say a word, but one jack o’lantern kept leaning dramatically and darting his eyes to something….

or should I say SOMEONE!!!  “We’re going to have to go on circumstantial evidence,” I told the kids.

The fact that that Sugar, our dog, was sleeping next to the pumpkins instead of by Katarina’s room combined with her motive of eating something yummy, makes her top of our suspect list.

“Guarding the pumpkins?” a child suggests.

Interesting angle.

We confronted the dog.

She wasn’t talking, but she looked guilty enough… until someone got out the marshmallows, and she perked right up and started acting sneaky.

Entrapment is allowed in this household.

Case closed.

Last night’s plans were derailed again by an extra long Boy Scout pack meeting. I didn’t mind though, because the kids loved it!

After all the talk of fire safety through the years, and all the written fire evac plans we’ve made as a family for school homework, I was confident our kids would raise their hands when the fireman asked, “So who has a plan for if there is a fire at your house?”

Only a couple kids raised their hands. Every other kid scrunched up their face.  The fireman pressed on. “For instance, where are you supposed to meet if there is a fire in your house in the middle of the night?”  Still scrunched up faces.

This bothered me! We had just as a family discussed it about two months ago. I had even shown them how to escape through a certain window if there was fire on the stairs.  They had totally forgotten.  It bothered the fireman too and he gave them a very passionate speech including real life stories that had the kids completely enthralled… and eager to talk about our fire plan as soon as we left.

Do your kids know your plan? Now’s a great time to check before we light up all those jack o lanterns. ( :

Today is also cranky co-worker day.  Maybe a great chance to talk to your kids about how to handle cranky people.  It could be fun to role play after dinner… maybe while we finish our costumes and pumpkins.  How do you handle cranky people?

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