Monster Truck Birthday Party

Spring Break is the perfect time to reflect and plan. Sam’s birthday is coming up so we’re reflecting on past birthdays.

Four years ago, it was a Monster Truck Birthday Party Bash! Sam got the party in gear by helping with the decorations.

Sam enjoyed the tires out front. “I . . . → Read More: Monster Truck Birthday Party

Harry Potter Party Part 2

Pardon my yawn. I meant to post more prep photos before the party, but then the party happened (a success) and ever since I’ve been very tired.

Back to prep:

Looking around the house (kids closets) while they were in school proved very productive! Squishy balls, floppy frisbees, fake rocks, magic tricks, rubber duckies, fluffy . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Part 2

Harry Potter Party Prep Pt.1

The stuff we do for our children. That’s all I can say.

No, actually there’s more.

I love the Harry Potter books… not as much a fan of the movies although they are very fun, but the point is I’m a fan, so when Sam said he wanted a Harry Potter theme for his 10th . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Prep Pt.1

Cheap DIY Canopy

Anabelle has always wanted a canopy – not one that hangs from the center and drapes like a mosquito net. No, she wanted a four sided, completely surrounded worthy-of-a-princess canopy.

Thanks to another mom’s idea, I was able to give her that — by using streamers! It took me about 30 minutes, but if you . . . → Read More: Cheap DIY Canopy