Eggciting Day

Happy Easter!  Each year I’m surprised at how different the eggs are from the previous year. Of course that might be because we try a new method or two each year.

This year we added the use of toothpicks and paint to make flowers.

One of my new favorite techniques is tie-dye eggs. . . . → Read More: Eggciting Day

Super Last Minute Decorations & Carvings

If you don’t have any pumpkins around, but have a few large zucchini still sitting in the garden, here’s a super fast decoration (and a great use for inedible gigantic zucchini):

If I have time, I’d love to paint a round pumpkin into Bob.

Hubby found that you could actually carve zucchini!  And while . . . → Read More: Super Last Minute Decorations & Carvings

Inventing A Game

Sam is taking his turn as an unofficial volunteer spokesman for National Anti-Boredom Month. He turned a plain piece of cardboard into a wild game.

Sam decided a board game should be at least as complicated as a video game.  Turns out a lot of video games are complicated!

I will say it . . . → Read More: Inventing A Game

Red, White, and Blue

Getting ready to celebrate? We have a tradition of painting our nails Red, White, and Blue:

We’re also doing some last minute planning from our pinterest board:

Here’s to celebrating our freedom!  And let it never be taken for . . . → Read More: Red, White, and Blue