How to Decorate a Turkey

My children and I agree that putting up a picture of a turkey as a way of preparing for Thanksgiving is really like putting up a poster that says: Be thankful you aren’t a turkey.

So, we got creative with our turkey.

You have to look closely and read the sign to get . . . → Read More: How to Decorate a Turkey

Veteran’s Day

For today’s Friday Flashback, I’m reminded of how, years ago, Sam thought people were honoring Vegetarian’s Day.   ( :

I suppose it’s hard for a child to make sense of what a Veteran is unless it’s explained to them.  So, I’ll leave you with this other Flashback… Anabelle last year celebrating Veteran’s Day in . . . → Read More: Veteran’s Day

Harry Potter Pumpkins & Why You Need Uncles

Photo Credit: Uncle Heath

Kids need uncles because only uncles will listen to you talk all about Harry Potter and then spend HOURS carving a pumpkin that will make the kids and their friends go “WOW!”

Only an uncle would go the extra mile and carve the Voldemort from Book 1 (movie 1),

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Plush Animal Lover’s Day

To celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day, I am reminded of just how much my kiddos love their animals.  If you can relate, I highly recommend handing over your digital camera to the kiddos and letting them have some plush animal fun!  Here are a few of my faves the kids produced over the years:

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