Then and Now

The baton has been passed down.  Last year I used to announce what ‘day’ it was to the kids in the morning and we’d plot how to celebrate.  Now Sam, after receiving an almanac  for Christmas, checks each evening to see what bizarre holiday we’ll be observing. 

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Limerick Day

Because There's No Way I'm Taking A Pic of MYSELF running!

 We said that today we would run

We did but I whined, “It’s not fun!”

I thought I would die,

I’m not gonna lie.

We did it real fast now I’m done!

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Clean Up Your Room Day

Anabelle came downstairs for breakfast and I informed her what day it was.  She gave me a satisfied smirk.  “Well, guess what?  This morning when I woke up I felt this surge of responsibility and I decided after school that I was going to clean my room the cleanest it’s ever been.”

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Star Wars Day

True confession. My children have only seen the first Star Wars. And by first, I mean Episode 4: A New Hope. So tonight, we might be watching the second movie, by which I of course mean Episode 5. Either way, the girls plan to wear Princess Leia hair.

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