Our apologies that there will be no blog post today.  My desk has an infestation… a Webkinz infestation.  I was informed this morning that it’s National Webkinz Day!    And even after that infestation has been taken care of, Miss Anabelle would like to write a guest post.  Look for her article . . . → Read More: Apology

Awesome Earth Day Project!

By the title of the post you might be able to tell that I’m excited about this latest art mom project.

The idea was adapted/inspired from a CD spinner project I saw in Family Fun. Their version could also work well for an earth day project.

If you are doing this for a large . . . → Read More: Awesome Earth Day Project!

Scrabble Day

Today is Scrabble Day!  The inventor of Scrabble is Alfred Mosher Butts.

I’m not kidding.  It’s a day to be thankful we don’t have that last name.  Anyway, we’re challenging each other to see how many words we can make out of the inventor’s name.  Then, obviously, we’re playing a game of Scrabble!

After . . . → Read More: Scrabble Day

Garden Week

I’m very pleased to inform you that this week is Garden Week!  So I’m prepping.  I started pulling out the old to prepare for the new.

Anabelle wasn’t much interested in pulling weeds and old stalks, but she was interested in participating in a fun way.

Challenge your kiddos to make a word or . . . → Read More: Garden Week