Inventing A Game

Sam is taking his turn as an unofficial volunteer spokesman for National Anti-Boredom Month. He turned a plain piece of cardboard into a wild game.

Sam decided a board game should be at least as complicated as a video game.  Turns out a lot of video games are complicated!

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National Pomegranate Month

Last year, we figured out how to open a pomegranate and it was magical. So now, once a year (because those things are so expensive!) we buy one pomegranate and it is STILL magical. So, before November ends, go celebrate National Pomegranate Month. There’s a coupon for one here !

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First Day of Fall!!

Once upon a time (three months ago), a girl (mom) moved into a house that had weeds as tall as herself in the front.  She pulled them out then thought, “Huh. I’ll just put a seed there and see what happens.”

Her bag of seeds was a jumbled mess from a couple years prior . . . → Read More: First Day of Fall!!

Beware Those with Good People Skills

September is International People Skills Month.  I say beware these people! Why? Because I’ve dealt with these people before, and they are dangerous.  Don’t believe me?  Meet the suspects:

Suspect #1: The Charmer

The Charmer doesn’t whine, doesn’t beg.  You think you would love this?

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