Recycle Musical Cards

Have you ever received a musical card? The kind you open up and there’s either a spoken word or song that starts playing?

We love those! Except after awhile, you don’t want to keep hearing that sound clip, but it’s too awesome to throw it away (and they’re not cheap either)!

So we brainstormed… what . . . → Read More: Recycle Musical Cards

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

As I mentioned yesterday, Valerie at Frugal Family Fun was inspired by some extreme sport type tea tags she saw and made her own by having a jumping photo session.

We tried the jumping and sadly my camera is simply not fast enough to catch the hair-raising event. But . . . → Read More: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

How to Host an Awesome Teenage Girls Christmas Party

Step 1: Let the kids hang out a bit.

Step 2: Have a Christmas Photograph Scavenger Hunt. Outdoors is awesome, yes, but when time constraints and driving is an issue, never fear! All you need is a webcam!

I set up a list of assignments for the girls. They had to take 15 different pictures . . . → Read More: How to Host an Awesome Teenage Girls Christmas Party

Holiday Gift Guide!

Dave Barry usually does a Holiday Gift Guide filled with ridiculous, yet hilarious gift ideas.

We are proud to inform you that over a year ago we discovered his #1 gift idea, Flair Hair. Yes, that’s right. We gifted this a year before Dave Barry. We’ve been offered the official seal of Hilarious People.

As . . . → Read More: Holiday Gift Guide!