The Sabbath Experiment

I realized why prep time is needed for the Sabbath!

Saturday, amidst the normal events of the day, the kids and I cleaned and cooked and prepared all the meals for Sunday.  By sunset, the house looked spotless and the fridge was stuffed with yummy food.

We sat down to a feast at dinner. . . . → Read More: The Sabbath Experiment

A Special Weekend

I’ve mentioned before that our family is reading through the Bible this year.

We made it through Exodus and Leviticus and are traveling through Numbers now.

Mike is working 58 hours this week, but thankfully gets Sunday off.  I was thinking through how to make that a super restful day before the workweek kicks . . . → Read More: A Special Weekend

Speed Talking the Bible

As we go through Genesis, as a family, Mike and I have learned that there are some portions that it’s best to speed talk in hopes of slipping past graphic details that may cause questions.  And if they do have questions, we often answer the bare generic minimum that’s age appropriate and just keep . . . → Read More: Speed Talking the Bible

120 Years Question

I mentioned before that our family decided that we would, as a family, strive to read through the Bible chronologically this year.

Mike made it a point to let the kids know we could stop anytime during the reading if there were questions, but sometimes the answer would be “I don’t know.”

We’re starting . . . → Read More: 120 Years Question