Yesterday was Humiliation Day so I was forbidden to step near the computer lest I post some embarrassing story about one of my family members… like how they fell asleep in class and the teacher told them to stand up and go in the hall before they broke their neck… Wait! That was me. Still . . . → Read More: Tricky

Lunch Wars

A typical student in America will eat 3000 school meals before they graduate high-school. This should concern you… greatly. Why?

Author Amy Kalafa explains in detail using the most respected research studies in her book, “Lunch Wars.” I’ve been so overwhelmed by the information that I’ve dragged my feet in writing a review. Thankfully, the . . . → Read More: Lunch Wars

I know, right? Epic Fail!

Rick Portrait Photography

In school, I was the kid that fell asleep during lectures, boring meetings, and documentaries.

I could stay awake for the things that genuinely interested me, or if the person spoke with passion, but anytime the voice level was monotone or soft and soothing, I was out. It wasn’t as if . . . → Read More: I know, right? Epic Fail!

Santa Claus

Today is St. Nicholas Day.

It’s actually a great day to talk with the kids about who Saint Nicholas was – in many countries today there are festivals and celebrations. In some cultures, kids put their shoes next to the fire place, and today will hopefully wake up to finding small trinkets like marbles . . . → Read More: Santa Claus