The Santa Game

For those of you with lined detachable fur rims on the hoods of your coats, we have a game for you!

My daughter discovered this when someone attempted to play a prank by pulling the fur right off her hood.  Instead, only 3 snaps popped and my quick thinking daughter said, “Ho Ho Ho!” . . . → Read More: The Santa Game

Origami Avengers

I’ve talked about Origami Yoda before, but now my children have figured out how to make origami anything.  Once you know the basic design, my children tell me it’s easy.  Right now, my house is ruled by Origami Avengers, but instead of schawarma they want Rice Krispies™ bars.  Especially Hulk and Agent Fury.  They . . . → Read More: Origami Avengers

Unique School Lunches

My kids love the sack lunch.  They don’t love the same lunch week after week.  And I don’t love being in the kitchen which means . . . they have to come up with their own ideas.  The first couple of weeks, my son decided the most efficient means of making his lunch was . . . → Read More: Unique School Lunches

Mashed Potatoes in the Ears: Every Kid’s Dream

My morning started with my son saying, “I’ve still got mashed potatoes in my ears!”

Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d hear from my children.

Last night, I drove my son and friend to his first middle school youth group event, aptly named “Crud Wars.”

In the back seat . . . → Read More: Mashed Potatoes in the Ears: Every Kid’s Dream