I Dare You to Speed

I would never encourage speeding.   That’s why this activity was so fun.

You know those portable “check your speed” units?  They put one up in the middle of our subdivision.  Where you really shouldn’t be going over 20 mph (if that).  So if you’re a fan of the show The Middle you might remember . . . → Read More: I Dare You to Speed

Garden Spying

While this is my third year of gardening, I still feel like a newbie. Have you ever thrown out a few seeds just to see what would happen? Yeah, I had no idea it would get this big!!!  Welcome, to my unintended backyard pumpkin patch.  Which is clearly out of control.But so fun.  Kids . . . → Read More: Garden Spying

Food Gymnastics

Ideas come in strange and bizarre ways sometimes.   Hubby & I saw a late night comedy sketch where the news announcer, not having access to actual news footage, used Hostess® Twinkies® for a balance beam to talk about Olympic gymnastics.  While Hubby was laughing, I was thinking ‘Genius idea!’

Ideally, I would use a . . . → Read More: Food Gymnastics

The Anti-Boredom Spray Bottle

Need a quick fix to keep your kids busy and happy? A spray bottle of water.  It works for even the oldest of kiddos. And it always surprises me what they discover/do with it – especially when they’re not allowed to squirt other people with it. (What?!  Cue whining.)

In this case, it was . . . → Read More: The Anti-Boredom Spray Bottle