DIY Fortune Cookies!

Happy Chinese New Year! In honor of said day, and just for fun, we made some fortune cookies. It really isn’t hard! If you want to join in the fun, feel free to download my DIY Fortune Cookies. There are plenty of blank spaces to insert whatever fortune you want! Sometimes we go for serious, . . . → Read More: DIY Fortune Cookies!

Back to Reality

We’ve had a blast this week. Mike & the children had the entire week off. We had an amazing stay-cation full of bowling, ice-skating, friends over, etc. It’s hard to go back to reality sometimes. So to help the transition, we had bacon day this morning! And I stole a few pieces to make . . . → Read More: Back to Reality

Celebrating National Fig Week

For the first time, I noticed dried figs next to the raisins at Walmart. And for under a dollar! It happened to correlate with this week’s National Fig Week! If you’re like me, when you hear the word “figs” you think of Fig Newtons! So we tried to make homemade ones!

Using the California Fig . . . → Read More: Celebrating National Fig Week

Halloween Cakes And Cupcakes (And Why You Need Aunts)

Kids need Aunts because only Aunts would be patient enough to mix up every color of frosting and teach the kids how to make their vision come true onto the cupcake. Katarina loved the trick her Aunt taught her of making spirals on the cake then using a toothpick to make delicious spiderwebs.

I believe . . . → Read More: Halloween Cakes And Cupcakes (And Why You Need Aunts)