Mentos Geyser

The Mentos Geyser experiment is so much fun!!! You will need a Be Amazing Geyser Tube Card (Thanks, Uncle John!) – it comes with a built in trigger pin and a long string so you can stand back before letting the geyser fly! I think I’ve seen them at Wal-mart for those who don’t . . . → Read More: Mentos Geyser

Bouncing Bubbles!!!

Need more motivation to try Bouncing Bubbles? Remember the secret is to let the formula sit for 24 hours before use & wear CLEAN knit gloves!

Spring is Blowing in the Air

Yesterday was a beautiful first day of Spring, but no one was outside celebrating – most likely because of the strong gusts of wind that got up to 50 mph.

Instead, my kids played with toys. Or rather rediscovered ways to play with toys.  Sam pulled out a robotic spider that he’d been given . . . → Read More: Spring is Blowing in the Air

Clean Money

This science experiment is about as easy as you can get!

Step 1: Take your family out to Taco Bell and get lots of different taco sauce packets. (Kidding! Sort of… you really just need taco sauce.)

I took some nasty pennies and let the kids have a go with it.

Anabelle chose to . . . → Read More: Clean Money