Deep Thoughts


The eldest daughter walked into the living room, bleary-eyed from staying up too late the night before. “I woke up with a realization,” she said. “You know how the average person is supposed to sleep 8 hours a day?”


“That means you’ve slept at least a-third of your life away.”

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101 Kid Bad Luck Signs

“Mom, there should be a book called 101 Kid Bad Luck Signs to prepare kids everywhere. The first one would be when a teacher calls a kid out into the hallway.” She gave me a knowing look. “That’s NEVER good.”

Serious Conversations

I let the kids listen to a Christian comedian that we love. Sure, I hadn’t heard the entire thing yet, but we’d watched his previous comedy so I didn’t give it a second thought.

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And the Award for Most Original and Biggest Costume…

goes to…

Origami Yoda.

I lost count of how many adults asked, “And what are you supposed to be?”

Then they laughed as if they understood but their eyes clearly said they didn’t. A few adults didn’t even ask they just said, “That’s the biggest and most creative homemade costume of the night by far!”

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