Family Narrative Experiment

Recently I read an article on how children who know their family tree and the history and stories behind it, are more confident. Looking for some more information, I found this NY Times article and decided to conduct my own little experiment.

So, that night, I took aside the youngest and started the conversation by . . . → Read More: Family Narrative Experiment

DIY Blackout Curtains

This fall, I let the kiddos pick out their fabric for curtains. The flames above are my son’s. The problem? In the Northwest, summer sunlight blazes through the darkest of curtains approximately 20 hours a day. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

I blame myself for reading all those Sandra Boynton books to my kids when they . . . → Read More: DIY Blackout Curtains

Never Too Young or Old

Yesterday I fell asleep at the computer, typing. Why? I was exhausted. I spent the first half of the day with preschoolers. I was reminded that Preschool is one of my favorite stages of childhood. Their imagination, their passion, their energy! (Clearly I was sorely reminded of my lack of energy.)

Within the few hours, . . . → Read More: Never Too Young or Old


This month is Romance Awareness Month. So, I thought I’d make you aware that today is our 17th wedding anniversary. I think that is pretty romantic.

Also, on the theme of awareness – this is Admit You’re Happy Month. It’s something we all want – to be happy. And being happy, we’ve found, is . . . → Read More: Awareness