The Ultimate Science Guy

If you are a parent, a teacher, or just a person who likes cool stuff then it’s our opinion that you MUST be a fan of Steve Spangler.  He is the ultimate fun science resource.  As science fair season gets in full swing, we pour over his experiments and brainstorm. (We can’t wait to . . . → Read More: The Ultimate Science Guy

Contests as Family Fun

If the weather is acting wild or you have bored kiddos on Spring Break, I highly recommend contests for some family fun!   PBSKids Writing Contest and Student Ideas for a Better America are two contests your kids can enter.

In the past we’ve had so much fun entering contests as a family (when applicable).  . . . → Read More: Contests as Family Fun

A New Kid History!

We love these silly stories, lived out by the dads, told by the kids, and reenacted by the dads. Confused yet? Here’s what we’re watching this Wednesday!


I’m sure you’ve all seen this video, but if not, enjoy… we can’t seem to stop watching these dogs.  Like once a day.  So for what we’re watching Wednesday… here are our 2 fave dog videos.