Children and Teeth and Spying

It’s Children’s Dental Month, according to the ADA (they have free resources for parents & teachers), and as luck would have it my kids are scheduled for checkups this month.

Anabelle wanted me by her side as she’s not quite used to these dental trips yet.  They placed glasses on her head (like Arnold wore in The Terminator) then proceeded to be cleaned, polished, and examined.

The dentist asked me if I watched over Anabelle’s teeth cleaning habits.  “No,” I said simply.  “She does it herself after breakfast and before bed.”

Anabelle was then praised for doing a good job and the comment was made that it looked like she had been flossing.

“I have!” Anabelle replied, sitting up.  “I used those kid flossers you gave me last time, and when I ran out I just kept using the last one over and over again.”

I gasped loudly. “Ew!”

She raised her hands up in the air, shrugged, and replied, “WHAT?!?!?”  She looked a bit like this:

Add Terminator-style glasses to your imagination.

The dentist cracked up.

They LOADED her up with packages of kid flossers.   Let this be a warning to parents during Children’s Dental Month – a little spying during the flossing portion of the bedtime routine may be a good thing.

Our other dental-related excitement actually won us an award.

Sam has a bright blue glow in the dark retainer. To hold the glowing mass is a matching glow in the dark retainer case.  As you no doubt already know, buying a retainer is like buying a brand new iPod Touch…except it goes in your mouth and hurts and is much smaller and… most importantly, is known for “causing dogs to act uncharacteristically.”

Dogs will hunt down this retainer because it’s smell calls out to them.  At least that’s what the orthodontist said.

So, given this investment we had a HUGE talk about the importance of never ever ever ever losing the retainer.  We went over the rules of where the retainer should and should not go, and that Sam should not breathe heavily on the dog making her nose sniff wildly. The latter rule came about as he walked in the door and tried it.

What we never thought of lecturing about was the retainer case.

Which was lost on the second day. Yet one of the rules is that you can’t take off the retainer unless it is to put it in the retainer case… so mass hysteria erupted.

We looked in dirty laundry bins, violin cases, places I’d never seen before in the bathroom… and I even suggested turning out all the lights.

After all, its glow in the dark.

All hope was lost.

Until Mike needed ice for his water.

And guess what we found in the freezer.

I’m serious.

No one is admitting anything.

3 comments to Children and Teeth and Spying

  • Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    The freezer??? I would have never thought to look there! LOL

  • Jen L

    Great post! It’s important to remember that oral health matters at every age. Read more about taking care of teeth at

  • Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids

    Thanks for linking, Heather! Loved the list of places you looked – very brave to look in the depths of the bathroom. ;)

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