Christmas Break & National Regifting Day

AH! Today begins Christmas Break for my kids.  It’s a good thing, but I want to be prepared.  I like to make a list of activities that we hope to do over break.  I hate getting to the end of a break that usually flies by and wonder where the time went.

So, on the list are crafts, places to go, people to have over, movies to watch, and food to make.  Do you have a list? Do share!

Today, In 1843, the Christmas Carol was first published and it sold 6000 copies first week. Sold out!  Obviously, the story is still popular today.  We recently saw the Jim Carrey version, but quite frankly, it creeped me out and gave my daughter nightmares.  We’re sticking with our favorite, The Muppet Christmas Carol. That’s going on the list.

1903. First successful flight by the Wright Brothers – a Presidential Proclamation since 1963 made this Wright Brothers Day.

We picked Katarina up from her youth group Christmas party to find 200+ kids throwing paper at each other.  It turned out to be an indoor ‘snowball’ fight.  Sam tried to join in but really just wanted to make paper airplanes.  That’s going on the list.  Perfect for today.

In 1782, Deborah Sampson, a female indentured servant wanted to fight in the revolutionary war so she disguised herself as a man. She fought until her identity was found out in 1783.  Wow.  It’s quite a story. I encourage you to check it out.  And, it added Mulan to our list of Christmas break movies.

AND finally, it’s National Regifting Day!

Sounds like a perfect excuse for an Christmas Party!  Katarina is having a party today.  More about that tomorrow!

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