Christmas In July

Sick of the summer heat?  Celebrate Christmas in July!

By law, swimming lessons are to be held during the coldest portion of the day, using only cold water, thus leaving your child properly chilled.  Okay, I’m mostly kidding.  Still, immediately after lessons is the perfect time to get snuggly with some awesome holiday books that are always checked out during the actual holidays!

I refuse to listen to Christmas music in the summer… however, as a result of our ‘holiday’ reading the kids earned ice skating passes from the library… something we love to do around Christmas!  Perfect!

The kids are all smiles the entire time.

To someone passing by, it might seem that the little girl on the other side of the glass needs immediate help.

Little do they know that she stops at this very spot every five minutes to show me how many laps she’s gone thus far.  Yep, 10 laps.  By the end of the night it was 22.

And finally… what does every child (and child at heart) wish for at Christmas?  Why SNOW… and presents!

Why not combine the two?

A present of snow… cones!  Merry Christmas!


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