Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Did you know that it’s NOT the day of independence for Mexico? I always believed that! No, it’s the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of the Puebla.  It was Mexico’s 4000 against France’s 8000 and it kept Napoleon III from funding the Confederacy and thereby helped end the Civil War early! Wow, did not know that.

But the history usually gets lost as we celebrate it as a day to honor the Mexican heritage and pride – namely, the food!

“Say What?!?”


“That is So Sad.”

“I’m so shocked my beard feels as if it’s going to fall right off.”

“You WEREN’T Kidding?  Now I’m just MAD.”

What’s all the drama about?  Okay, fine, these are the reject pictures from the Harry Potter party, but the sentiment is still there!  In a house that is just now showing signs of POSSIBLY recovering from the stomach flu, I don’t think we should celebrate with typical Cinco de Mayo fare….. Like THIS ONE that I’m positively craving.

So please, eat delicious, spicy, tantalizing Mexican fare today for us.

As for us… anyone want some plain rice?  Or a banana?  Anyone? Anyone?


Surprisingly, it’s also National Day of Prayer.  I thought it was weird that it was the same day until I found out the theme is for everyone to come together and pray for the drug cartels to fail and for peace to follow at the southern border.    Sounds like a good prayer to me.

Just wish I could pray it right before chowing down on a nice big bowl of chips and salsa… I digress.  Sorry.


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