Clean Money

This science experiment is about as easy as you can get!

Step 1: Take your family out to Taco Bell and get lots of different taco sauce packets. (Kidding! Sort of… you really just need taco sauce.)

I took some nasty pennies and let the kids have a go with it.

Anabelle chose to use Fire Salsa sauce. Brave girl.

Katarina grabbed the Green Salsa.

And Sam has the mild taco sauce.

They smeared it on the pennies, let them sit 2 minutes, and then rinsed them off.

Tip:  Have a strainer over the sink drain so pennies don’t go taking an escape route.

Katarina’s seemed to have the best result, but then we wondered about the experiment having an extra variable, namely Katarina is older and more thorough.

Sam’s did pretty well.

And Anabelle’s, well they’re on the third row… one of them she let sit EXTRA long and it seemed to just get fried!  Beware the fire salsa….

There are many variations and hypothesis you could do with this experiment.  Check it out!

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