Conspiracy!?! Investigative Report.

The makers of Spider-man pencils have a lot to answer for, according to Sam.

Sam came home from school and relayed the story:  “I took my Spider-man pencil to the sharpener and when I started sharpening, some of the paper started peeling away. So I was gonna rip it off until I saw that it was really a BUTTERFLY pencil instead!  So I stopped sharpening right away!”

He pulled the offending pencil out and began peeling.  “See!”

Sure enough, there is a hard coated butterfly pencil underneath his Spider-man pencil.  He tested a couple of others and found the same result.  His mother supposed that the manufacturers were essentially recycling a product in an attempt to make it more saleable.

Yet, according to Sam, at what risk?  That boys would be discovered using purple butterfly pencils? Sam is issuing  a warning to all boys using cool pencils in school: “Be careful when you sharpen. You don’t know what you’ll find.”

His purple butterfly-loving sister was last heard negotiating a trade for the butterfly pencils ‘under wraps’ in exchange for plain colored pencils with the library’s logo on it.

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2 comments to Conspiracy!?! Investigative Report.

  • Rebecca Burgener

    Lol! That is awesome! I’m going to want to peel all my kids’ pencils now.

  • Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    That’s SO funny!!! I had something similar happen with some wrapping paper from the dollar store once….. it had another design on the side with a spelling mistake!

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