Contests as Family Fun

If the weather is acting wild or you have bored kiddos on Spring Break, I highly recommend contests for some family fun!   PBSKids Writing Contest and Student Ideas for a Better America are two contests your kids can enter.

In the past we’ve had so much fun entering contests as a family (when applicable).  So since it’s What We’re Watching Wednesday, and because it makes me smile, here are a few previous contests we’ve participated in:

An Audiobook Contest… the ending makes me laugh every time.

A Pistachios Contest:

Each child wanted a turn to get crackin!

And then, of course, the Redbox contest:

So have you participated in any contest as a family?

If so, let us know!  And if you hear about any new contest going on, pass it on!

Clearly we need to keep these creative (and crazy) juices flowing!

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