Conversation and Talents

This week is Better Conversation Week (sponsored by, and the theme is something we really need to think about this week.  If your family is filled with people who have lots to say (like ours) and you have kids (we do) then a fun conversation can quickly go overboard fast.

So, if you have guests coming (we do) for the holidays, it’s a good time to plan a little conversation starters.  Unless every person at the table likes a good debate, I recommend steering clear from sports, politics, or declaring who is the best character on Penguins of Madagascar (clearly, Skipper).

Family Fun has a cute printable sheet for good conversation starters!  

They also have some brilliant and hilarious thanksgiving crafts and decorations. My children, however, don’t want their picture decorated as a pilgrim and used for napkin holders.  Party poopers!

But they all liked what Disney has to offer for printable decorations and Thanksgiving fun.  You can see most of them HERE.

Today, is also Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.   Quite frankly, this would make another good dinner conversation starter.  Unless your son uses the opportunity to play “Jingle Bells” with a flapping arm and hand in his armpit.

What’s your unique talent?  Today, mine seems to be sneezing on command.  I’m off to find the Airborne.

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