Crazy Hair Day

Sam’s been growing his hair out for awhile all with one purpose in mind: crazy hair day.

He remembered when, years ago, I took Katarina’s hair and inserted a water bottle:

So he was very disappointed that his hair wasn’t long enough for such a stunt.

Never fear!  With small, clear ponytail holders and craft feathers . . .

I put these in his hair while he was eating breakfast. If you do it, just insert the craft feathers after making the one inch section ponytails.  Insert the feather handle between two layers of the clear band so the handles don’t press into any tender scalps.

For an added touch, I just added some washable marker to a couple of the hair sections.

So fun!


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1 comment to Crazy Hair Day

  • Julie

    I love your daily celebrations. I also do something like this. At the beginning of each month I post a list of the National and International Days that I am planning to celebrate each month and blog about. I especially love the days that celebrate some sort of food since I love to cook!

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