Celebrating Pop Tarts, Creativity, and Honey All at Once

Did your family see Jupiter this week?  I hope so!  Hopefully, unlike us, you have a cool set of binoculars and could spot the four moons.  How often can you see a planet with your bare eye?

It’s still Keep Kids Creative week and at our household we’ve found an extra way to do it besides these ideas.

PopTarts is holding a fun contest where kids (a parent must be in it too) submit a short holiday theater video. I get no kickback in telling you this, so head on over for some fun — kids love making movies, and pop tarts has some starters to get you rolling.  We have a specific script in mind; I just can’t wait to have some time to film it!

Given that this month is National Honey Month, our family would like to honor the honey bees who pollinate our flowers and crops, and give us 1.5 pounds of honey (per person) a year. That’s a lot of honey!

I wondered if honoring honey month meant laying off the honey– you know, giving the bees a little breather before purchasing a jug of honey to add to hot steaming cups of tea in the fall and winter months, but the National Honey Board (I didn’t know we had one!)  actually wants the opposite to happen.

Eat up, they proclaim!  In fact, I think there are some honey coupons in the widget to the right.

They are having a contest to find the best honey recipes.  If you have a good one, submit it!  My children’s favorite recipe is thus:

1. Toast a piece of bread (or gluten-free waffle in my son’s case)

2. Slather on peanut butter (or sunflower seed butter in my son’s case–poor thing)

3. Ask mom if they can put honey on top.  Mom always shakes her head and says, “No. Too much sugar for the morning.”

4. Smile sweetly and respectfully say, “But I thought you said it was National Honey Month and honey has lots of good-for-you things in it.”

5.  Wait quietly, with a smile, until Mom says, “Oh, okay. But just a little bit. It is National Honey Month after all.”

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