Creative Lunch Notes for Boys

Remember when the kids were little and you could send them cute little notes in their lunch bags?  Well, now I have a boy in middle school.  Which means . . .

no hearts, no ‘Love’, and definitely do not sign a note ‘Mom’!

But it’s hard for a mom not to reach out to her son on the first day (or subsequent days).  So, since I’ve recently heard that the way to survive junior high is to use humor, I decided to peruse my Pinterest ‘Because it Makes Me Laugh’ Board.

For instance, he might see something like this in his lunch:


Let’s eat grandpa.

Let’s eat, grandpa.

*correct punctuation can save a person’s life.

So instead of hearts, he might get a hilarious picture which he can choose to share with his lunchmates for a good laugh.  On the back, I might also occasionally put on some jokes from Reader’s Digest or Boy’s Life.

But I solemnly swear I won’t sign it “Love, Mom.”

Even though I really, really want to.

But I’m pretty sure he knows.

What do you put in your child’s lunch?

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7 comments to Creative Lunch Notes for Boys

  • Christine Rayment

    great idea as usual…

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    This is an awesome idea! I’ll have to remember it for when my son gets a little older…

  • Sue04kids

    I print off a Bible verse and put it in my high school son and middle school daughters lunch. Sometimes they are random, and sometimes I try find one that applies to difficult days.

  • Kristen @ TeachingStars

    Love this!! I remember seeing online where someone would pick up a pack of those $1 flashcards from Target and stick one of those in their kids lunches a day. Presidential facts, outer space pictures, flags of the world, etc.

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    “But I’m pretty sure he knows.” LOL! Great ideas…

  • Amy

    Every school day I post the lunch notes that I put in my kids’ lunches on my site The are free printable illustrated jokes, fun facts, etc. – please take a look.

  • Kristine M.

    Oh, the middle school thing…. Alas. I’m feeling it too. I actually got a hug right in front of the entire football team. Can you believe it? But, I think my lunch notes will not be so welcome now. Great idea!

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