Cruella and Werewolf Sighted TOGETHER?

For Flashback Friday, we ask, Do YOU work as a candy checker on Halloween? For safety of course… and do you have a fee?

Ace Photojournalist Katarina Bones spotted two very rarely seen characters last night. “I’ve heard of Cruella Da Ville and stories of werewolves have passed my ears, but I never imagined them a couple!” Bones managed to capture not one, but two surprise snapshots, clearly indicating more than mere coincidence that Da Ville and Werewolf were seen together.

When the alleged Cruella was interviewed, she said, “Darrrrllling, if I waaaasss Cruella, would I really be together with a werewolf?” An evil laugh echoed through the valley for a moment before she continued. “Even though I imagine he’d be an excellent hunter.”

The werewolf’s answers were garbled but it came across as: ‘Me wanna candy. No wollipops.’

Cruella suddenly announced, ‘Children, I need to check your candy.’ She winked at Werewolf and they disappeared.
Sources report both Cruella and Werewolf work as ‘candy-checkers’ on Halloween night for a small fee of one Fun Size Snickers Bar.

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