Cursive & Chemistry

We celebrated two birthdays this week.  With that, were some wonderful birthday cards sent to the girls.

I’ve become aware over the past couple of years just how little of emphasis is put on handwriting and cursive in the schools.  I don’t necessarily agree but I understand the argument for not spending much time on it.  However, it really stood out when my daughter read her cards from relatives…written in cursive.

She opened one card:  “You are growing up so . . . FAT?!”

Mike and I dropped our mouths in disbelief.  I looked over her shoulder.  “Fast! It says you are growing up so fast!”

She grinned.  “That makes more sense.”

She opened a second card:  “You are a beautiful, talented, ANNOYING teenager!?!”  She looked up, shocked.

Again I looked over her shoulder.  “AMAZING!  It says amazing!”

On the way home from the restaurant we celebrated at, Katarina was telling us about the chemistry she was learning.  “I’m learning the periodic table,” she explained.  “We’re on noble gases right now.”

Anabelle, from the back of the car, asked, “What are noble gases?”

Sam didn’t miss a beat.  “It’s when important people have gas.”


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