Decorate with Repurposed Instruments!

Continuing where we left off from our adventure in learning our decorating style,  we now have functional decorating where my entire family has easy access to the musical instruments they love to play.

But my husband had a bunch of instruments that he couldn’t play.  Instruments that had accrued over the years and weren’t in playing condition were taken to shops to get estimates on repair.  The result: it’d be cheaper to buy new instruments.  Since that’s not an option now we were still left wondering what to do with them.

Then my husband had a brilliant, creative idea that still lights me up just thinking about it!

Lamps!  He turned them all into lamps!

He threaded the electrical cord in such a way that you can still play on the valves!

I love them!  So now that I know our style, and I’ve been inspired by my husband, I’m itching to repurpose something else!

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