Dice, Pomegranates, and Marriage

What did we do on a hip, happening Friday night full of possibilities?
We had a pomegranate. Pomegranates appear in Greek Mythology and are native to the Himalayas in India.

Before moving to the Northwest, I had never seen one in a grocery store. Or if I had, I had no idea what you’d do with one!

I tried last year and all I got was red hands because I had no idea how to open it!

Enter Alton Brown. He taught us how to open it and fish out the arils without bursting the pomegranate juice prematurely.

We did it. And you would’ve thought it was a science experiment.

Everyone was fascinated. Anabelle thought it was cool that the seed casing looked like honeycombs, and each child wanted a turn to harvest the arils.

We all ate handfuls, and even sprinkled them on our yogurt. Yum.

As usual, conversation around the table ends in giggles.

Tip: Learn about the pomegranate before eating it. For instance, if you have diverticulitis don’t partake. But most importantly, and most relevant, read about how India considers this fruit the perfect way to cleanse your system out. Wish we knew that before everyone ate handfuls.

It was a loud night. If you catch my drift…

Moving on! Today is National Dice Day!

A day for everyone to play dice. Each player rolls 5 dice. If you roll a 5, it counts for 500 points. If you roll a 1, it counts for 100 points. If you roll neither, you lose a turn. If you roll 3 of a kind, it will count for the number multiplied by 100. If you roll 4 of a kind, double the number; 5 of a kind, double the number. If you roll “12345” or “23456” etc., you earn 1500 points. The person to get 10000 points first wins!

Today is also St. Barbara’s Day. Legend has it the proper way to celebrate is to put a twig from a cherry tree in a glass of water. If the twig blooms by Christmas, a girl in the family is certain to marry the next year.

Mike interjected, “Yeah, we’re not doing that.”

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  • Cindy

    Great post! You always make me laugh or smile or both! Good to know about pomegranates. And I think we used to play that dice game. Seems like it was called either Greed or Greedy. Remind me to tell you about our internet adventures the last couple days. Whew!

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