Do Your Kids Ever Get This?

grand·ma  hang·o·ver  /ˈgran(d)ˌmä /ˈhaNGˌōvər/

1.      A let down after a period of excitement and attention by one’s grandparents.

2.      Physical effects of children being exposed to high levels of love and attention by grandparents.  Symptoms include: begging for treats, assuming every question will be answered with yes, wondering why fun activities and scrumptious food aren’t prepared or planned, and dominating the attention of every passerby.

3.      Desirable condition for children who don’t get to see their grandparents very often (this is the parents’ fault in most cases). For once the hangover has dispensed, entitlement will dissipate and be replaced with fond memories.

Treatment:  A quick return to chores, and possibly one intense project (such as cleaning one’s room).  Expect whining/attitude and respond with an earlier bedtime.  Reward completed chores with lots of snuggles and one-on-one attention.  Follow up with a slideshow of pictures of the fun had with grandparents.


I believe Hubby came up with this term when our eldest was only three years old.  It’s something my children have always struggled with, even at a time when one set of grandparents lived five minutes away.

As parents, we always forget that we should expect this after intense times of fun.  Hubby & I often assume that since they are older now that it won’t happen.  But I guess, even as parents, when we get time and attention to do whatever we want and it’s time to go back to real life (Monday mornings, anyone?) that we struggle too.

Speaking as someone who just cleaned out her own closet, bathroom, and bedroom, I think the ‘treatment’ works well for adults too.



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