Don’t Recycle the Holiday Cards Yet!

So many of you display your holiday cards creatively and beautifully only to recycle them after Christmas.  But wait!  There’s more fun to be had with the kiddos.

We noticed that most holiday cards don’t have writing directly behind the picture. So, we simply cut off the picture side of all the holiday cards, then attached them to each other like a picture book. It works perfectly when there is no writing on the backside because this becomes your place to put text next to each picture!

It doesn’t matter if some pictures are horizontal and others vertical, it’s not a big deal to turn the book. “Is for fun.”  (Name that movie.)

We did this last year and it was awesome silly story fun, until Mom left it on the table and it got soaking wet.

Anyway, as a family, come up with a silly story to link all the pictures together! It’s kind of like the game where one person starts a sentence and another has to finish it and so forth until a whole story is made.

Last year, we were lucky enough to get more than one holiday card with pictures of puppies or other cute animals on it. Our story involved naughty pets who stole some christmas presents and opened them outside to find ornaments. They thought the ornaments were chew toys and broke them. Their owners found out and put them outside in the dog house. The dogs were so upset they decided to travel far east to get advice on how to fix the situation from… the three wise men…

Well, you get the idea. It was very silly fun. The kind I like.  This year, the story is about Santa coming across poisonous poinsettia flowers at the base of every chimney.  Don’t worry; puppies save the day.  Ever noticed how many puppy Christmas cards there are?

Don’t dismiss the family photo cards you get!  That’s right –  I’ll protect their privacy here, but family and friends are fair game for characters in our book.

Lastly, if there are printed words on your card that don’t fit your story, cover it up with crayons/markers, or those stickers you get from Highlights Magazine.

If you were lucky enough to get a musical card, check out how your kids can recycle those too!

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