Doughnut Seeds (or Plants?!?) Part Two!

Our Doughnut Seeds grew magically in the wee morning hours.

Then I had to patiently wait until the kids woke up on their own.

Sam was the first one up and I asked him to go check on my doughnut seeds and see if they were growing anything.  He rolled his eyes, but to his credit went out and checked.

I wish I had a photo of his first expression of confusion, shock, then delight, and finally realization of what Mom had been up to and what day it was!  (Probably wouldn’t have pulled this off if it wasn’t Spring Break. They had lost all track of the calendar.)

Then Anabelle came down and I asked her the same thing.  She, however, looked out the window.

They went outside to pick the blooming buds.

They went inside proclaiming, “Happy April Fool’s!” until Katarina woke up.  (I have been informed that it is illegal to post pictures of teenagers waking up.)

Yes they magically bloomed inside ziploc bags.  Couldn’t risk bugs getting to them!

Katarina sat at the table and mumbled. “Good one, Mom.  Imagine me awake and very enthusiastic about this.”  She smiled sleepily and sipped her milk like I do my coffee.

Yes, a very good April Fool’s Day.

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