Doughnut Seeds Part 1 (Shhhh….)

So, continuing the April Fool’s Day surprise prep:

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. A perfect day to send the kids outside to ride their bikes and play

while I made this:

I grabbed a price sticker from something else to cover up the “really not guaranteed to grow ANYTHING” part.

A little background history:  I love the thought of a big beautiful vegetable garden.  I don’t exactly have a green thumb, though.  And the kids know both of these things.

So the kids came in from riding:

And once the initial excitement wore off, then reality sunk in, and they proceeded to pity me.

“Mom, $1.25 for Doughnut Seeds?  You got swindled by a joker,” Sam said, shaking his head.  But Anabelle convinced them that it wouldn’t hurt to at least try to plant them and see what would come up.

Until, that is, they saw the ‘seeds’ and proceeded to laugh that they must be Cheerios.

I ‘planted’ (hardy-har) the idea that doughnut seeds should resemble doughnuts, and they once again, humored me, snickering while planting.

And then erupted in guffaws and shouts of “No!” when Sugar grabbed a “seed” off the top of the dirt and ate it.

They watered it, and Sam went back inside, smiling but shaking his head at me.  “A dollar-twenty-five,” he muttered.

Until tomorrow  (hee-hee)….

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