Eggciting Day

Happy Easter!  Each year I’m surprised at how different the eggs are from the previous year. Of course that might be because we try a new method or two each year.

This year we added the use of toothpicks and paint to make flowers.

One of my new favorite techniques is tie-dye eggs.  You take a vinegar-dampened paper towel, wrap it around the egg, and drip food coloring on it.  While I really like the results, prepare for lots of hand washing unless you want the people at church to look at your hands funny when it’s the shake-a-hand greeting time.

One carryover technique from last year was using hot glue on the egg before dipping it.  Sam had the brilliant idea of using hot glue on his drawn-on eyes before dying.

Only one problem.  Sometimes the hot glue likes to take some egg shell with it.  (WARNING: The following pictures may be graphic in nature.)

When this happened, I expected a lot of frustration and disappointment.  I wasn’t expecting this:

And I really wasn’t expecting what he’d do next:

Even the other eggs were asking each other:  “Who invited that guy?”

And, thanks to a learning experience where hard-boiled eggs were hidden inside too carefully and some grandparents who will remain unnamed suffered horrible awful smells for months until the eggs in question were finally found, the Easter Bunny always accepts our request to hide the plastic eggs inside and the hard-boiled once outdoors.

Much to my son’s disappointment, the Easter Bunny refused to hide the pig egg outside.  Apparently, the bunny didn’t want to terrify the other children.

Good call, Bunny. Good call.

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  • Elisa | blissfulE

    I have a friend who counts the eggs and draws a map of each location so that she knows without a doubt that all eggs have been found. Perhaps she too has suffered from the smell of a hidden egg…

    Great idea about the hot glue eyes! Love the colours and decorations.

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