Embarrassing Your Teenager 101

We were out shopping for the first-day-of-school outfit at a popular teenage outlet.  The sales were great so naturally it was a crowded place.

Anabelle and I were admiring some jewelery while waiting for Katarina to exit the dressing room.

I took a step back to examine a piece in better light and accidentally brushed shoulders with a teenager walking past.  “Oh, sorry,” I said, and took a step forward.  “It’s okay,” was the teenage reply.

“Oh, you BETTER be SORRY!” came a loud female voice a few steps behind me.

I turned to find a mom IN MY FACE.  A mischievous twinkle in her eye, she whispered, “I just LOVE embarrassing my teenage daughter.  Just go with me on this.”

Not quite registering what was happening just yet, I turned to see the horrified sixteen year-old daughter in question on the other side of the room, her mouth hanging open.  “Mooo–oommm!  Oh. My. GOSH! It wasn’t a big deal!”

The mom winked at me and turned and loudly said.  “Oh she’s SORRY!”

The girl was Bright Red.

At first I thought the mom was a bit mean until… my daughter interacted with me like all the other teendaughters in the dressing room.

Now, I’m starting to think I better take notes from that mom who got in my face.  I might need it in years to come.  After all, she was smiling the most out of all the moms shopping.

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