Embracing the Ice. Sort of.

When the forecasters promise that it’s going to get warm and it doesn’t, I like to pretend that they make the weather and get mad at them.

At least for a minute. It makes me feel better.  So yesterday, after weeks of this ice business, I decided to finally embrace it – or rather, made the kids embrace it while I watched from inside, standing on top of the heat register.

Lately I’ve seen ideas from every family fun source there is on filling molds and balloons with water and letting them freeze outside before playing with them and/or turning them into beautiful ice sculptures.  BUT after doing it ourselves, I have a few tips to offer that the others omitted.

First off, it’s still just as fun without food coloring.  I promise.  Look at the delight in her face at seeing the ice crystals and frozen bubbles within our frozen balloon.

Second, if you’re going to use food coloring, put it in the balloon BEFORE filling the balloon up with water.  Since this project is obviously done indoors (given that it’s -1 outside), if you attempt to put the food coloring in the balloon after filling it, even partially, then you will look like a speckled egg yourself.

I speak from experience. Sigh.

Third, don’t use yellow food coloring.   It’s just my opinion, but it’s going to leave colors on the snow and do we really need anymore yellow spots on the snow?  I’m just saying.

Fourth, let the children put the balloons onto the snow/ice.  Because we all know you’re not going to take the time to put boots on just for stepping outside the back door and those slippers are … ironically, slippery.  Again, speaking from experience.

And finally, have a shovel or crowbar or dog (as we learned) nearby to remove said balloon from the ice as it freezes to the ground.  We were surprised that the dog was just as fascinated by the orbs as the kids.  Also, the kids can have a game of picking up the balloon pieces after revealing the orb.  I like to call this game, “pick all the pieces up or mommy won’t share her hot chocolate.”

And over hot chocolate, you will be glad you embraced the ice and then once again pray that the forecasters get it right and bring us some warmer weather.

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